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The Musical phenomena of modern times.   From out of nowhere comes an international country, pop, top 40, crossover, Latin, French world singing sensation;   Stone Stedman ... with a collection of songs that have astounded the world music market.   Evans Music Group is proud to present: "3 Nights In Vegas" - An album created in English, Français, and Español FLUENTLY!
An album without precedent in music history.     Enjoy!
3 Nights In Vegas ... Roulette wheel and a slot machine - livin out the back of a limousine      
Come Home ... Tight, hypnotic Tex/Mex - English/Spanish mix      
Victims ... Bruce Springsteen meets Bob Dylan      
Donde Vas ... Love and pain become one in the same      
Jumbo Say ... Written in Haiti with a good friend Luc Sterlin      
Je Me Rappel ... All about love - in the language of love      
How Much ... Hard Drivin Rock Groove      
Pride ... It's a family affair      
Dime ... Give Me Some!      
Ready To Try ... It's all been a lie      
Middle ... Don't ask me to play ... on my fiddle half way      
I Can Still Recall ... Mayor Goodman's favorite song      
J'aimeai Toujour ... I got your back ... in french      

Stones greatest hits on video

       3 Nights In Vegas                                                           How Much                           Donde Vas                                                                 Victims                             Di Que Si                                                     I Can Still Recall

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